Best Music Video Ever


The title of the post says it all. I LOVE this OK Go music video (the song is “Here It Goes Again”) so much I’m considering having a small video screen implanted in my forehead so that I can play it across my head for people. Scroll down on the page I linked you to and you can choose your own video format. It takes a little patience while it loads, but I promise it is well worth the wait.

Also, if you’re interested in hearing the lead singer of the band (Damian Kulash) talk about the video (they made it with a home video recorder and there aren’t any tricks or edits — that’s pure treadmill dancing), you can check this out. (You do have to watch an ad first.)

Finally, if you happen to be reading this post on the day I post it, you can catch Kulash on The Colbert Report at 11:30 on Comedy Central.


One Response to “Best Music Video Ever”

  1. 1 Julie

    there’s also another great video on the website. apparently the lead singer’s sister choreographs the dancing for these guys. pure genius.

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