So Sad


I designed my first website in 1999 as an independent study at Cornell. I learned very quickly the importance of testing websites in different browsers and across platforms. And this was when people only used Internet Explorer and Netscape. So how, in 2006, did I let this happen???

If you’re been looking at my website in IE, you’ve been thinking it was ugly. It has been completely sans-CSS. A white page with generic black text. No cool menu pulldown. No gorgeous images. I am so sorry you have had this awful experience. It looks (and works) AWESOME in firefox.


And yes, a fix is in the works. God knows what’s wrong with it (I’ve been working on it an hour and haven’t gotten far), but I’ll figure it out. Will you ever forgive me? (Or forgive yourself for still using IE? I mean come on. It’s 2006!!!)

** UPDATE **

I now have this website working in IE so that it looks normal. And I also fixed two small errors in the code that were bothering me in Firefox, too. Added bonus. As it turns out, the big problems were (1) a minor error in some comment code in the |head| section and (2) some non-IE-friendly widths in the CSS. Note to anyone who lays webpages out using CSS rather than tables: specify widths rather than using percentages if you are trying to have two side-by-side columns and use pixels instead of ems.

Now I have to download Netscape, Opera, and Safari to be sure this works in those browsers. A designer’s work is never done. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know if this site every looks strange or un-pretty to you. I guarantee I would never purposefully make my website look like a 3rd grader designed it.


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