Last September, my sister-in-law and her husband adopted twin girls. We’re unsure if they’re identical or not, but they sure do look alike. What’s even better, though, is how adorably twin-like they are. Case in point:

The girls, now 16 months old, are developing a nice little repertoire of new words. Lizzie’s first word was “car” and Cate’s was “cracker” (or vice versa – I’m somewhat surprised I remember the words let alone who said them – it was back in May, which was the last time we saw them). Since then, they’ve learned many more.

But this week, we learned about one of the cutest vocabulary idiosyncrasies I’ve ever heard of. Ever.

Cate has learned to say yes, and Lizzie has learned to say no.

Whenever Cate is asked a question whose answer is no, she just doesn’t answer. It’s the opposite for Lizzie. The only way this could get cuter is if they would start answering one another’s questions: Mom says, “Cate, are you hungry?” Lizzie answers, “No.”

I’ll bet that’s not far off.


One Response to “Twins”

  1. 1 melody is slurping life

    First of all, look at how absolutely beautiful! What blessings.

    Second, that is one of the cutest twin “things” I’ve ever heard. :)

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