I Quit


Yesterday I had my first “I Quit” moment. I decided, as I paced the floor with a cranky, inconsolable Evan, that I didn’t want to do this anymore. I imagined myself calling Brian at work and telling him to quit his job and get his ass home. Telling him I would work full time and he could watch the little monster. And just as I was saying this in my head, just as my little brain voice was proclaiming “No more,” the little shit looked up, stopped crying, and smiled.

Damn him. Damn his cute little smile. Damn the spit strings leftover from vigorous crying, and damn his little puckered, suck-blistered lips.


4 Responses to “I Quit”

  1. 1 Patois

    You’ve been suckered! He’s a brilliant baby, that child of yours.

  2. 2 bubandpie

    I’ve had many such moments – but they usually ended with me handing off the baby at the door and running out into the rain.

  3. 3 Christina

    I have a lot of those moments, but of course, I’ve had two very high-needs babies. Sometimes, like BubandPie, I also have to hand the baby off at the door and run out to have some me-time for awhile.

    But other times, she cracks that melt-your-heart smile, and suddenly I forget being totally pissed off at her. That’s why babies are cute – it’s so you don’t kill them, lol.

    Sorry you had a rough day. Hope things are going better now. If you ever need someone to keep you company on a hard day, let me know. (amommystory [at] gmail [dot] com)

  4. 4 Toni

    He’s how old? and this is your First! “I quit” moment. Oh my, you’re doing much better than I did. :)

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