Please Don’t Call the Hotline


This is the kind of thing you suddenly think is hilarious when you have kids:

HUSBAND: What’s shakin’ baby?
WIFE: You shouldn’t even joke about that.

Then we both laugh like life is just the funniest thing ever and like I’m just the most clever girl ever.

If you don’t have kids, you might not understand. But I wanted you to know this anyway so that you can see what having kids does to your sense of humor.

And of course what I mean is that it makes you funnier. Seriously.


2 Responses to “Please Don’t Call the Hotline”

  1. So true! Funnier…and a little batty.
    – Heidi

  2. Will and I read the book “Couplehood” by Paul Reiser after we’d been married for a couple of years. It was hilarious… so much so that we followed it with the book “Babyhood.” We got through the entire first chapter without a single laugh and decided to put the book back on the shelf. We revisited “Babyhood” after our first was about 6 months old… hilarious. Some things just need to be experienced I guess. :)

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