Should I Use My Bumbo Near Pumpkins?


I’m afraid my Bumbo warnings and instructions do not tell me whether or not it is OK to use my Bumbo near pumpkins.  Since I lack common sense and a brain, I really just don’t know what to do.

Thankfully, my husband is a lawyer and he told me that if it’s not expressly forbidden then it’s probably OK.  (NOTE: I am completely making this up and my lawyer husband has not been consulted in this matter, but I imagine that this is what he might tell me under certain specific conditions if I asked him certain specific questions about Bumbo use and legal stuff.)

We decided that Bumbo use near pumpkins would be OK if the pumpkins were not lit (Bumbo + candles = bad idea) and if the Bumbo were on level ground and not, say, on the roof of a moving car.  Ditto the pumpkins.

The result is this, the actual honest-to-god reason cameras were invented:

Baby in a Bumpkin

I am speechless.  I am typeless.  My fingers will not function.  Someone help me.


4 Responses to “Should I Use My Bumbo Near Pumpkins?”

  1. Just so you know my family stood looking over my shoulder for a full minute just now giggling at your picture. Too cute!

  2. I think it might be okay to use bumbo with pumpkins, but not with ultra-cuteness dujour involved… that causes the heads of viewers to explode from Adorability Overload.

    I might have to sue you.

  3. Cracking me up, and worsening my OD on cuteness! Really adorable.

    Using My Words

  4. Totally cute. Cordy just looked at the picture and said, “Awww, cute baby kitty!”

    And laughing my butt off about if it’s safe to use the Bumbo there or not. I don’t know, if you look at my Halloween post, those pumpkins can be a little dangerous.

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