Where’s Baby?


Evan got these camo pants a while back from his Grammy and while I think he looks super cute in them and he wears them a lot as a result, every time I look down at him playing in them, I can’t help but wonder what is he supposed to blend in with???

Camo Baby

A pile of pennies and dimes? No, something more green than copper. Moldy clay? Maybe gravel on top of moss? Nothing I can think of that Evan might possibly blend in with matches the green right.

The answer is: baby poop.

Yup, we had our first big poop blowout and it got all over the camo pants. Only I didn’t see the poop because of the camo-ness and so I also got it all over my arm. How nice.


2 Responses to “Where’s Baby?”

  1. Oy. The dreaded blow outs.

    You’ll never looked at those camo pants the same way again, eh? heehee.

    He sure is adoreable in them tho.

  2. Adorable! The first blow out ever? You are a lucky mom, and he IS a good baby!

    Using My Words

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