Aaaaaaand I’m Writing About Poop Again


Hey moms, I need your help.  Here’s my dilemma: Evan loves the bath.  Like all babies I know, the bath makes him pee.  Big deal.  I just wash his hair with pee water and think nothing of it.  Pee’s sterile, right?

But he has now started pooping in the tub.  Every single bath.  He’s a one-a-day pooper but he could have just pooped one hour ago and he seems to be able to squeeze a little bit more out just for bath time.

And I don’t really like washing his hair with poop.  It hides the red.

Any hints for avoiding the bath time poop?  Please?


7 Responses to “Aaaaaaand I’m Writing About Poop Again”

  1. Hmmm…I’m not sure. Have you tried washing his bottom with a warm wet washcloth before bathtime to, uh, stimulate anything ahead of time?

    I’ve never really had that problem. Cordy pooped in the tub once when she was a toddler, and Mira prefers to wait until I’m in the middle of changing her diaper to do it.

  2. 2 Deneese

    You know, Charlotte did that a few times, and I just dumped the water out and started all over again. It sucked, but it only happened a few times before she quit doing it.

  3. Umm wow, I don’t know! This happened only once, recently, and was done on a dare so…I don’t know. Warm water relaxes him? Can you set a baby potty in the unplugged tub and run warm water over his hands, with warm washcloth on his belly or something?

    Swim diaper???

    Let us know!

    Using My Words

  4. He used to do it only occasionally, but now it’s pretty much every bath, the little shit. Pun intended, I guess. : )

    I’ve tried just washing him REALLY REALLY FAST so that if he does poop, I can take him out and not have to run a second bath. But that doesn’t always work. Besides, the kid LOVES being in there. He can splash water across the room with those little legs of his and it makes him so very happy.

    A swim diaper might be the way to go for now. Good thought!!!

  5. Or, if it’s happening because he’s so relaxed and happy, maybe I just need to make bath time more stressful? : )

  6. Sister used to do this almost every time and Brother, never – not once. Anyway, I took to running a couple of inches of water and letting her play for a bit before draining it out (if necessary) and running the real bath.

  7. 7 marissa

    well, all you have to do is when hes taking a bath and watch him, right before he poops bring him out then put on toilet, keep doing this for about a week. it WILL work. trust me!

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