Hello Evan, My Old Friend


They really shouldn’t make turtlenecks in baby sizes because come on, babies don’t have necks. But still. Seduced as I was by the allure of a cute baby in a dark blue turtleneck, I bought one. And I made Evan wear it. And really I was probably the only one who noticed it was a turtleneck, but if you look closely in this picture, you can see it.

Evan in a Turtleneck

All day I kept singing “The Sound of Silence” and calling Evan Art. As in Garfunkel.

Art Garfunkel Montage

All he needs is the ‘fro.


2 Responses to “Hello Evan, My Old Friend”

  1. Wow. The resemblance really is uncanny.

  2. 2 Anne

    Ha! I love the turtleneck. Thanks for inviting me to spend some time with you and Evan. I had such a great time. He’s an amazing little boy.

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