Elf Yourself!


So, I’m still waiting. Waiting and waiting. Just when I think I might be done waiting, I have to wait some more.

In the meantime, I amuse myself by watching this:

We Got Elfed!

(Click on the image or on this link to see the animated version, courtesy of elfyourself.com and OfficeMax. It takes a while to load but it is worth the wait.)


6 Responses to “Elf Yourself!”

  1. 1 Mom

    what a riot!


  2. That was officially the best part of my day.

  3. No wait…this was the best part of my day.


    Actually, scratch that, too. The best part will be when Matt finds out I’ve sent this to all of his friends and family!

  4. Awesome. Matt looks great, by the way, but Clark and Arnold take the cake. Nice dancing. They could have their own website — I can haz dancing.

  5. LOL! OK, I’m going to have to try that out myself.

  6. 6 Anne

    Holy crap. That is either the funniest or the most disturbing thing I’ve seen today. Um, ok, funniest.

    Most disturbing is the dead mouse I found in the dining room (courtesy of my Charlie cat who had been stalking it since Sunday night).

    Seriously, though, what a great idea! Brian’s serious face on that silly elf body just cracked me up.

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