For Daddy


Every time I spoke to Brian today, he sounded more and more frustrated. It was a day of urgent meetings, fires to put out, unrealistic deadlines, and the promise of work over the weekend. Lots of it. When I told Evan about this, he wanted to do something for his daddy, who would be stuck at work until after his bedtime (a rarity in Evan’s life).

Dear Daddy,

Mommy said you’re having a rough day. So I thought she and I could do a little cheer-daddy-up-project.



3 Responses to “For Daddy”

  1. 1 Aubrey

    This is the most adorable post. I love how in each picture he is changing the position of the paper. I laughed out loud. Adorable. Great. Love it. Thanks.

  2. 2 Grammy

    What a sweet boy you are Evan….I bet that was your Daddy’s best gift ever!
    I’ll know who to call when I’m having a bad day.

  3. That’s adorable. And I understand the frustration of trying to get a picture of a baby holding something, when they just won’t hold still.

    Was it just a bad day in the state office tower or something? Aaron had a rough day, too.

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