No Diapers This Month, Kid — Mommy Got Her Hair Did


So, I know that getting highlights means that someone is basically painting stripes on your head, and I don’t want to sound stupid or anything but, um, IT LOOKS LIKE SOMEONE JUST PAINTED STRIPES ON MY HEAD. And it cost about the same as three haircuts. Someone right now is laughing heartily at my expense. The inventer of hair dye is wringing his hands in Grinch-like pleasure thinking of all the innocent, sweet people he’s duped into having their heads striped.

At least the haircut kicks ass. The paint will fade, but the haircut is forever. Ish.

(Come on, people. How often do new moms you know get their hair cut? Once every 16 months? That’s practically like forever.)


3 Responses to “No Diapers This Month, Kid — Mommy Got Her Hair Did”

  1. My husband once did highlights for me and announced, ominously, that he thought I was a “chunky highlights” kind of gal. He’s never allowed to do my highlights again.

  2. I’m impressed that Rebecca’s husband did her highlights! If I asked my husband to do mine he would promptly produce a wheelbarrow of cash (of sketchy origins) and say, “Go. Just go. Whatever it costs. Let’s not speak of this again.”

    As for your highlights, yeah, the stripey me no likey. I used to pay someone A LOT of money to do that to my hair. Now I pay someone less money, and she doesn’t do the stripes. Sometimes the haircuts are a bit sketchy but, hey! Cheap highlights!

  3. So you say it looks stripey? How stripey? Chunky stripes or thin, well-defined stripes? Do we get pictures?

    Back when I colored my hair, I often did it myself. The Loreal kits that include the highlights are pretty easy to use. Warning: don’t let the husband help, though, unless he’s a metrosexual.

    I need a new haircut. My last cut was just before Mira was born. But I didn’t like the last stylist – I need to find a new one.

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