Hard Day’s Night


The things that got me through today:

Baby Tylenol
(for inconsolable teething baby)

Baby Tylenol-induced nap
(for inconsolable teething baby who was very sleepy; also benefitted mommy, who was relieved after (yes, I’m serious) three and a half hours of shrieky baby crying which is, incidentally, more crying than usually-sweet baby does in most weeks)

Johnson’s Head-to-Toe Baby Wash
(for the cleaning of poop-slathered baby who was, quite literally, covered from head to toe)

Season 2 Disc 1 of Project Runway
(for exhausted, worn out mother who spent the husband weekendless (an honest-to-god typo/brain malfunction!) and who needed something other than the Real Housewives of Orange County marathon to watch while “soothing” the baby, enjoying the baby’s nap, feeding the baby, and avoiding the ridiculous list of things she must get done this week)

A dab of rice cereal on Evan’s tray during dinner
(for playing (read: to keep one less-sleepy-but-still-cranky baby occupied for the one tenth of a second it takes to reload the spoon with another bite because obviously one tenth of a second is enough for said baby to realize that he’s (a) hungry and (b) not currently being fed))

Anyway, the hub should be on his way home right now from a weekend of mandatory work — sounds like it was a cross between attending an academic conference, preparing for a major trial, cramming for finals, and being drawn and slowly, oh-so-slowly, quartered. All weekend I kept thinking how I know his weekend is sucking too but I sort of don’t care because I am so preoccupied by how much my own weekend is sucking and I know that he could probably use some babying and sympathy but damn it I need it more and when he gets home he should promptly commence at least three of the following activities:

  1. bowing down to kiss my feet
  2. giving me a back rub
  3. drawing me a bath
  4. getting me something good to eat
  5. making me blueberry tea
  6. putting away the dishes (I’m blogging, damn it)
  7. opening a bottle of my favorite chianti
  8. going on and on about how beautiful I am
  9. telling me he’s taken the next 12 days off
  10. giving me another back rub

And actually, if he were to do number 9 (and mean it, not just tell me), I’d forgive him the rest.

These hard days just remind me how little help I have. Basically, I’ve got Brian and whatever babysitters the online sign-up service we use gives us. It’s really not enough. Days like today were made for grandmas.


5 Responses to “Hard Day’s Night”

  1. I hear you–don’t know what I’d do without my mom. But then again, I don’t have a hubby. I think being Mom is just exhausting no matter what.

  2. My wonderful hub well exceeded my expectations, crossing off numbers 1, 2, 7, and 8. He intended to do number 6, as well, but discovered that I’d actually already completed that one myself between blogging and his return home.

    Today’s going much better as a result. (Not of my putting away the dishes, obviously.)

  3. Awww, I’m glad he was able to help a little. My husband treats me by letting me sleep in for an extra hour some weekends. That extra hour can help a lot.

    Is Evan feeling better today?

  4. The teething is endless, isn’t it? The “baby” is going on two and we’re still waiting for eight teeth. I wondered aloud the other day if I will ever sleep through the night again. Ever.

    You know what you should do to cheer yourself up? Decorate his crib with twinkly lights. ;-)

  5. 5 Mom

    Silly girl, everyday is made for grandmas!

    P.S. As far as number 6 goes….buy paper plates!

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