Enough Said?


No Good Very Bad Day


4 Responses to “Enough Said?”

  1. Yes, I think I get the message. :) Well communicated.

    Using My Words

  2. Math is not my strongest subject, but I definitely get this. Am definitely living this. (By the way, did you hear about that woman on Oprah who has figured out the language of babies?


    Here’s the link to it. It was fascinating and I thought of you (and your stress level). She claims by listening to the babie’s cry and the way it sounds, they can tell you what they need (food, burp, repositioning, sleep…).

    Is there a graph that depicts the relationship of stress to level of coping while considering the day of the week or the time of the year? Holidays stress me out, as much as I like the lights.

  3. PS…I realize I typed “babie’s”. Every year I continue to teach seventh grade, I swear I feel my IQ drop a few points.

  4. Crystal clear. (Hope today was better).

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