I Heart Cesar


It’s kind of embarrassing to admit, really, but I know I’m not alone in this: I have strong, strong prejudices against various pop culture icons, often based on nothing more than a certain sense I have about them.  Like a crooked scientist doing research for the company who pays his salary, I avoid anything that might possibly constitute disconfirming evidence.

That guy James Blunt?  I find him irritating and boring.  I assume, based on his one lame-yet-wildly-popular song, that I hate his music.  I don’t need to listen; I’ve already decided. 

That’s why it is with such a great sense of defeat that I must admit this: I love Cesar Milan.  I wanted to hate him.  I did hate him.  Come on?  Dog Whisperer.  Give me a break.  But I’ve seen his show twice this week and all I can say is this: I would go buy a dog just so that this guy could do his dog whispering thing to him.  He is amazing.  I love him.  I am thinking I will name my next dog Cesar in his honor.  Or maybe my next kid.  Hell.  

If only he whispered to cats, too.  Then I might invite him to move in with his cute little family and their bikes and skateboards and hordes and hordes of whispered-to dogs.


One Response to “I Heart Cesar”

  1. I read someplace that James Blunt is living in some skiing town and has slept with literally THOUSANDS of tourists, to the point where it’s this huge local joke. I read that and thought REALLY? Because NEVER. Ever.
    I have never seen the Dog Whisperer. I suspect it doesn’t even come on any of my channels! Bah.

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