Letter to Santa


Dear Santa,

This is just to let you know that I don’t really know who you are but my mommy mentioned something today about how you bring presents and mommy seems to be really into presents and she smiles when she talks about them, except when she talks about getting my Grandpa-O presents because she said he is HARD TO BUY FOR and I really don’t know what buying is either but I think it’s something you do at Target.

Anyway, I’m sleeping right now and in my dream I am writing you a letter.  My brain sometimes does things in my sleep that I don’t really understand.  Like sometimes, I wake up and my brain made little cuts on my fingers and put something REALLY SHARP in my mouth where I used to be all soft.

Other times, my brain makes my whole room smell like sweet potato poop, which is, according to mommy, VERY VERY STINKY.  I don’t really mind it though because I’m used to it since sometimes my brain makes my room smell that way at the beginning of the night and I have to wait until the end of the night, mommy says this is called morning, to have the smell go away.

So, my brain is writing you a letter right now, Santa, to let you know that if you’re the person who brings presents, I’d like some.  I’m pretty sure my mommy hasn’t gotten me any because she and daddy keep saying things like “We really need to get a present for Evan” and I heard her say today that Christmas, which is present day and also my six-month birthday, which just means that I have been alive for about 1500 dirty diapers, anyway, my brain sometimes rambles.  I was trying to say that I heard mommy say that Christmas, which is present day, is one week from today and I am starting to worry that I will not actually get any presents.

Mommy says this is because I forgot about my grandmas.  She says grandmas are hardwired to buy baby boys Christmas presents, but still, I’m not sure and I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be looking forward to some presents please.

And if you talk to mommy, please tell her that it’s very nice that she’s making me a stocking and I know she doesn’t want too many toys all over the house but I would like one present from her PLEASE.  Just one.  But it should be a good one.


Love, Evan


4 Responses to “Letter to Santa”

  1. Awww. So cute!

  2. 2 Grandma

    I think this grandma’s softwired. It seems I can’t pass by baby clothes or toys without picking them up and buying them for you. Just think, grandma will have to move in with you and your mommy and daddy since she’s spending all of her retirement money on you :-) Won’t that be fun for all of us! (Especially your daddy!)


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