December 26th Breakfast


12-Layer Jello

Two Kellogg’s Nutrigrain waffles, blueberry.

One latte, made with love and no grumbling by hub.

A bowl of 12-Layer Jello, a family favorite which consists of, um, twelve layers of jello. Go figure.

Two chocolate desserts, each consisting of four chocolate wafer cookies layered with whipped cream (cool whip for the lactose intolerant) and then refrigerated until soft. Similar to icebox cake.

Hope your holidays were as good as mine and your leftovers as decadent and plentiful.


3 Responses to “December 26th Breakfast”

  1. 12 layers? Really? I can only count 5. But it still sounds yummy.

    We have very little left from Christmas dinner. A little ham, a little beef brisket, some mashed potatoes, and a few pieces of pie. And it’ll likely be gone by tomorrow.

  2. 2 Anne

    How do you make the 12-layer jello? It is beautiful! Will you post the recipe?

  3. I stand corrected: this is ten-layer jello. There are five clear layers and five layers with plain yogurt added. I’ll post a recipe when I get home to Columbus.

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