She Needs Her Heat


Pop-Up DissertationWell, we’re back home and already in the swing of things. Evan was delightfully happy today and I got five loads of — (oh, crap… switching loads… need dry sheets… going to bed very soon…) — laundry done and bought groceries for the week and put away a ton of stuff and it was very good and I am very happy.

I miss everyone though. The frenzy is gone but I kind of sort of miss it.

Tonight Brian and I spent about an hour and a half rearranging our basement. (Read: I get back to work on my dissertation soon and need a more functional workspace.) I’m relishing the opportunity to start from scratch a bit — to figure out what I need and how I need it to be, to plan my space, to make it someplace I actually want to work. I just spent a few minutes browsing Flickr for images I might hang above my desk. I found several naked dissertation runners — I had no idea that this was a tradition but it is one I will not be partaking in — and some other interesting photos. My favorite was littlepaperbird‘s dissertation: “a pop-up book about origami, art and craft and how they relate.”

Pop-Up DissertationIt’s so beautiful that I wish I could spend the next twelve months making something like it instead of basically printing a whole bunch of boring black marks on an entire ream of paper.

Making a pretty little workspace will be fun, at least. I think I’ll make myself a nice little lap blanket and a new seat cushion during Evan’s naps (naps aren’t for dissertating; they’re for picking up, doing chores, and other things) and I’ve got a trip to the Container Store in my near future.

I figure if I’ve got to write this thing, I ought to be happy-ish doing it.

The one total bummer about the basement re-org we did tonight is that when Brian redid our ceiling during the basement remodel this spring, he put the heat vent above where my desk used to be, meaning it’s now all the way across the room (read: about seven feet away).

I don’t think I can work without heat being pumped directly at my head. I’ll freeze. I’ll die. Evan will sit in daycare until someone finally calls Brian to say that they’ve closed and I never picked him up and is everything okay. If I stop blogging suddenly, you’ll know why.


One Response to “She Needs Her Heat”

  1. Our basement is similarly freezing. I now work in the family room amid the chaos and noise. Perhaps the end product is less well-polished, but the desk is directly in front of the wood fireplace! Hooyah! Heat!

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