A Place For Everything; Everything (Sort of) In Its Place


My goals were twofold: (1) redesign my workspace (read: my dungeon office in the basement) so that everything I need while writing is within reach; (2) make it pretty — someplace I won’t mind sitting for hours at a stretch.

The result is more or less what I was looking for:

New Office

It’s really hard to get a good pic in the basement — there’s no natural light and we use those fluorescent bulbs instead of incandescent. The wall color is called celery — I tried to get as close to that as possible in the photo-editing process, but it leaves something to be desired, I think.

Anyway, the shelves are new (they once lived in our living room so they’re not, like, new new) and they allowed me to de-clutter the desk hutch. Everything on the wall is new new — in fact, the whole reason we moved the desk out of its previous corner (where my bike now sits on my trainer and pokes ever so slightly into the picture above) was because I desperately wanted a bulletin board. I think that’s my favorite new item.

Or the wall file sorter. That rocks.

New Office

Anyway, I just had to share because doing this made me very happy. On my bulletin board, in addition to some work-y stuff, I’ve got some pictures I printed from Flickr (with our new photo printer — got it for Christmas). They’re of things intended to be inspiring and glaringly metaphorical: a lighbulb, a picture of 24 clocks, a typewriter, a guy sitting at a typewriter with the word “What?” in front of him, and some other cute little things.

New Office

I also typed out the dissertation purpose and defense purpose from the graduate student handbook — it’s helpful to keep in mind what the goal of this whole process is.

In case you’re wondering, the overall goal is for me to become an independent scholar and to demonstrate a high level of knowledge in my area of specialization. You know. That sort of thing.

And oh!  I almost forgot!  That clear-ish box under the bulletin board to the left, that’s the box with my manuscript in it.  I got a clear-ish one so that I can see it grow.  Do you see my pages in there?


5 Responses to “A Place For Everything; Everything (Sort of) In Its Place”

  1. I am all about the workspace as inspiration. It’s probably why I clean my desk every week. I, too, have a gigantic bulletin board above my computer with muses of the moment on it. I can see Great Thinking occurring at your workspace. Maybe you should call it the GreatThinkingSpace. GTS? Anyway, many good vibes to you during this new period.

    PS-I love your office chair. And the wall file sorter.

  2. It’s beautiful – such an organized space!

    I am suffering from some serious disorganization. I used to be organized when I had a desktop, but my laptop moves around with me, so stuff ends up everywhere.

    And I love the wall-mounted file sorter. I need one of those. (I was just at Ikea this weekend – why didn’t I think of that?)

  3. How much does my office need this. No, it’s organized, just too full. My husband and I share (although it’s where *I* work) and he is a messy packrat with no sense of organization or clutter. But I love him oh yes I do!

  4. Julie Pippert, you’ll notice I didn’t show the rest of the basement. My husband’s desk is on the wall to the left of this pic and we’ve definitely both got crap all over the place.

    In fact, even my own desk is a big fat mess already today.

  5. 5 Anne

    I’m so jealous. It looks awesome. Do you wanna come over and help me unearth my desk from the piles of crap? Seriously. I will swap for babysitting…

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