Booky Goodness


I like to own books. I love how they look, how they smell. I love being able to return to them again and again. But I also love libraries. They’re great testing grounds. I test all cookbooks, craft books, and books about yoga, for example, because there are, frankly, a lot of duds out there. If you bought the first yoga book you found, well, it’d be like marrying the first guy you ever dated. Borrowing from the library is like speed dating: you get a chance to sample the wares. Then you can buy.

With a baby around, my ware sampling is mostly limited to browsing Amazon then requesting all the books I find interesting from my local library. Then I go pick them up when they’re available.

Today I went in for three that were waiting for me and came home with seven. Go figure.

Library Books

Don’t they look pretty sitting there on my kitchen counter? Now the really important question is: which first?


4 Responses to “Booky Goodness”

  1. hey yoga mama!
    i love the library, too- I do the same thing with amazon.
    i am trying to think of a good yoga book to reccomend, … i’ll have to give it more thought!

  2. So hard to choose a starting point! I would recommend reading “Power Yoga” before “Beyond Power Yoga,” though. ;)

  3. “Borrowing from the library is like speed dating: you get a chance to sample the wares.” I love this description…. probably because it’s so true.

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