Sunny With a Chance of Compliments


yellow bag

Here’s my weekend nap project. Looking somewhat like my fair-haired, pale-skinned son, I have absolutely never owned anything yellow. You gotta go with what you know and me and my skin, we don’t know yellow. We see yellow and run in the opposite direction.

I’m pretty sure that even when I was a baby my mom never dressed me in yellow. (Mom? Back me up?)

But somehow these two fabrics called out to me in the store last week. It’s January and I just needed something nice and cheery and yellow. Some sunshine. And if there’s any possible place besides a shoe where someone who looks like me can wear something that looks like this, it’s a bag. A cute bag.

yellow bag

It’s made from a pattern in Bend-the-Rules Sewing, my newest craft book. I took the book for a library test spin right before Christmas and made this bag for my mom and just had to have one (of the book and of the bag) for myself. This bag’s easy to stitch up and only took two days of naps to finish.

Brian called it delicate. I kind of like that.

sunny present

With some leftover fabric from the bag, I made a little sunshine-y wallet for my friend, also a new mom who’s also feeling a bit overcooked lately. I thought she could use a little pick-me-up so I got a $5 Starbucks card (I needed a mocha today like goldfish need castles and thought I’d pay it forward) and made this to put it in. It’s based on the no-cash wallet in the same book as above, only I made a few modifications. Even with the modifications and a bit of “am I just stupid?” confusion that eventually passed (come on — you know what I’m talking about) it only took one nap. Maybe about an hour.

sunny present

I hope she likes it as much as I like my bag.


5 Responses to “Sunny With a Chance of Compliments”

  1. Screw the dissertation. Start your own business. Those are super-cute.

  2. Gotta agree with a pinkroom – you’ve got talent. And a good eye for what goes well together.

    Love the print fabric. And you’re totally making me miss sewing. (Haven’t had the chance to dust off the machine much since Mira was born.)

  3. These are both great. Your friend is super-lucky! Thanks for sharing. I’ve added you to my bloglines so I can keep up with your blog. Nice to “meet” you!

  4. 4 mom

    okay, i’m backing you up! you did have one yellow outfit….a bright yellow corduroy pants thingy. but that’s it, except for your blankey and camel. you and yellow just became one blah color when you were together :-)

    i love my bag that you made me, and have gotten a ton of compliments on it. i am very proud to tell everyone that you made it for me!

    i love the wallet….hint,hint!

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