Paper. Shoes.


Today was a good day punctuated by two particularly good things: new shoes and a stack of mobile inspiration. After working on The Dreaded Dissertation this morning, I took myself out for some errand doing and a little shoe shopping.

First stop: Archivers for some mobile paper. I’ve decided to chain-sew some cardstock shapes together for my mobile. I won’t get into it too much yet but I think it’s going to be pretty cool. I plan on making it this weekend so I’ll post pics when it’s done. Until then, here’s the paper: four shades of green, a slate gray, and a berry-colored sheet. Let your mind race.

Mobile Paper

Errands two through five were boring and only borderline successful. New sweatshirt for the kiddo (who wore a 3-6 month belly sweatshirt to daycare today — oh so Britney Spears circa 2001). Errand number six, the final errand, was DSW. I set a $50 budget and went off in search of a pair of yellow shoes or shoes of some nice, pretty color that’s not brown. Brian and I are alike in many ways but perhaps most alike in this: we both hate black shoes and whenever we go shoe shopping we always try on at least three pairs of brown shoes for every one of another hue. It’s like a tic.

So today I found these incredible orange shoes. Shiny, cute, and flat they met all of my requirements. Then I found a great red pair. Also adorable and as affordable as the first pair. But it was back in clearance that shoe love really hit, and hit it did in the strangest possible way:

I fell head-over-heels for a pair of black shoes.

These black shoes are so cute that I bought them on the spot without further shoe searching and then wore them on the same day I bought them, something I have never done before. Usually I do this week-long Do I Like ‘Em dance which consists of me pacing all carpeted surfaces in my house, checking the shoes in all mirrors, trying them on with multiple outfits before I determine that I am going to return them.

Wanna see them? Do ya?

Honestly, I think these might be the ones. The shoes I wear every single day. The ones I’m meant to be with.

So, here they are in the car:

New Shoes

Here they are climbing stairs:

New Shoes

Here they are playing with some of Evan’s toys:

New Shoes

Dontcha love ’em?


3 Responses to “Paper. Shoes.”

  1. SUPERCUTE shoes! Pretty paper colors too.

  2. 2 mom

    you make me laugh sweetpea!

  3. 3 KievMama

    So you show them to us, tell us how much you like them, then don’t tell us where to pick some up for ourselves? So selfish!

    PS Came here by way of SouleMama.

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