I honestly don’t care if this post only applies to, well, I can think of at least two people besides me. Because sometimes there’s something that strikes such a strong chord with you that your whole body resonates and the vibrations fill the room until everything around you is also vibrating and singing and wonderful and you find yourself typing words and posting links without really caring.

Folks like me who grew up listening to the little folksinger herself have largely, by now, sort of left Ani behind. Her music has evolved and so have we and most people I know express mild dissatisfaction with the turn her stuff has taken. It doesn’t feel relevant to us in the way that her music from the early-to-mid nineties did. The music that sounded like a mirror on our own lives even as we knew we had no idea what the life of a musician on the road was like and even as we admitted we’d never experienced anything at all like the relationships and situations she was singing about. Still, we felt, she was channeling our words, singing our thoughts, reaching out to invite us into her community.

All of this is to say that sometimes, things we remember so fondly from childhood that it hurts no longer make us hurt. And then we catch a glimpse of the way things were back then and we hurt all over again and we don’t ever want to stop hurting.

Click here (or on the image below) to feel my pain.

Ani Video

Then click on the play button.

And if you’d rather not, then why not leave me a comment with your own wonderful, hurt-so-good memories from childhood — the things that influenced you so strongly you just know you wouldn’t be the same person without them even if they’re no longer in your life.


2 Responses to “**sigh**”

  1. Well, Julie, I feel a bit old right now. If there’s a comparable song for me, it’d be Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car, which came out when I was a senior in college.

  2. I remember sitting on my friend’s bed in grade 7 listening to Feargal Sharkey’s “It Never Happens to Me.” There were three of us sitting there sobbing and saying how that could be the soundtrack of our lives!!!!

    Twelve year old girls are so dramatic. It’s comical to me, now. Of course nothing ever happened to me! I was twelve!! But that is the first song that ever moved me to tears.

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