Gray Sky in Ohio

The sky here has been gray gray gray lately. In a weird way, it’s kind of been my inspiration this week. First it was yellow bags and wallets. Then I got out some bright pink fabric I bought years ago and made an apron for a friend who met me for drinks and dessert on Thursday for some de-stress time:

Pink Apron for Dawn

It’s my first attempt at an apron. I have an apron swap coming up and so I thought I could use a trial run or two. I chose this gathered vintage apron pattern from Bend-the-Rules Sewing and then spiced it up and tried to make it a bit funkier with some purposefully uneven satin-stitched ovals at the bottom edge:

Pink Apron for Dawn

I had fun making it and as much fun giving it. But the best part of my anti-gray week was this:

New Fabric

23 new fabrics. Go ahead, try to count ’em, but you won’t be able to because there are so many different fabrics here it was impossible to get them all to show in the pictures.

I got these courtesy of my mother-in-law who, in her infinite kindness, sent me a giftcard so that I could go get some pretty things to play with while I wait for spring to stick its head up through the ground like a crocus. And boy did I have fun. I just picked up every single fabric that inspired me and ended up with all of these. I got no more than a yard of each, no less than a quarter of a yard. Some of these fabrics are already tagged for throw pillows for the living room but most of them don’t have purposes yet. How fun. Not only do I have all this fabric to use but now I also get to invent things to use it for.

Thanks, Anne!


7 Responses to “Inspiration”

  1. Isn’t anticipation gorgeous?

    It’s grey here, too. My feet are cold. My toddler is outgrowing her nap. I hate February.

  2. wait. what? THEY OUTGROW NAPS???? well damn.

  3. Sadly, yes, they do. It’s part of the reason I haven’t done as much sewing lately.

    The fabrics are beautiful. I’m especially in love with the brown one on the bottom of the picture – are those turtles or toadstools?

  4. I love your apron. I wish I could swap with you!

  5. Christina, they’re turtles. Dontcha love em!?

  6. Znakomity tekst, aż chce się czytać dalej

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