Mobile In Progress

These little birdies are for the mobile swap. My ***top secret*** partner requested sort of rich muted colors (she called them distressed) and I checked out her Etsy shop and I got a sense of her stuff — very pretty tote bags with birds embroidered on them and some other things — so I scrapped my original plan and decided on birds. And since today’s the anniversary of my first date with Brian, I decided to make them love birds. If I were to make them for myself I’d do it in all white with a red heart, probably. But I like her colors, too.

Honestly, making a mobile is a lot harder than I expected. I chose to make one that has pieces hanging off of other pieces which requires a lot of tedious error-making in the process of getting the balance just right. The trick is to start with the bottom piece and find its center of gravity. I just might post some instructions on how to do all of this once I’m through because it was very interesting but also tough.

I’ll post more pics when I’m all done, which I hope will be soon because I’d like to send it this weekend.


One Response to “Birds-in-Progress”

  1. Ohhh. What a cool idea. LOVE those colors. Very excited about your project!

    And happy first date anniversary.

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