Love Birds Mobile


Love Birds Mobile

Here it is, all cut, strung, balanced, and hung: my contribution to the mobile swap. It is surprisingly difficult to photograph a mobile. These are my best attempts.

Love Bird Up Close

After lots of planning, plan-scrapping, mistakes, and impossibilities, I decided to go with paper because it’s so light and makes the mobile, well, mobile. I also decided on a straight dowel to hang the whole thing from after trying out a wooden hoop — I liked having the possibility of hanging the mobile in a window or against a wall. The cut paper lends itself well to neat shadows in the right light.

Love Bird Shadows

I’m going to make a little tutorial (including patterns) if anyone wants it. I’ll post it this week.


4 Responses to “Love Birds Mobile”

  1. Hi!
    I found your blog Via the sassy apron swap blog. I am doing the mobile swap too, and I found it challenging…but definitly worth it! I love your mobile, and will be back for the pattern and tute! Thanks!

  2. Lovely! I adore the colors – they work so well together, and are individually pretty, too.

  3. adorable mobile!

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