Favorite Dresses and Happy Accidents


I don’t know what is making me happiest today: homemade pizza, this mention on elsiemarley.com, which means a lot because I was totally nervous about posting pictures of my mobile because I thought it might be too simple; or this green apron:

Green Apron
I made it last weekend for my apron swap but then I put it on and I’m not sure I can part with it. It makes me feel 4 years old again — you remember those days of begging to wear the exact same dress you wore yesterday because it’s your favorite and you don’t care if you have to wear it over pants because it’s just so pretty and your so so so favorite dress ever? Wearing this apron makes me feel kind of like that, sort of favorite-dress-over-pants.
Green Apron

I went short on purpose — I’m kind of little-ish and long aprons are always too long. I was going more for the short wipe-your-hands-and-take-diner-orders kind of look, but a bit more flirty. I meant to make darts so that the apron would lie flat and be all flattering, but I sort of flaked and put in pleats instead and really like the result. Go figure.

6 Responses to “Favorite Dresses and Happy Accidents”

  1. That is soo cute. I want one! Seriously, I too am “little-ish” but all the short aprons I find are … well … ugly. Yours is adorable.

  2. Too simple? Did you say too simple? That’s where the beauty of your mobile lies, its simplicity. I love it. It’s very… Martha Stewart, like you’d see it in a picture in her magazine.

    And here I was, apron-ignorant. I couldn’t see where all the excitement about aprons was coming from, on various crafty-type blogs. Are aprons back? *Then* you mentioned wiping hands. OH! I could SO use an apron when I’m in the kitchen! And I would want it to be cute, like yours. *Now* I get it. Verra nice.

  3. Cute! Such a happy green color, and it nearly matches the hamper in front of you.

  4. You make me want to leave this city, so I can afford a spacier apartment to permanently set up my sewing machine. Knitting is more conducive in New York City apartments.

  5. Christina, I think you might be seeing things. Hamper? There’s no hamper. Huh? No, no hamper there. : ) I should have photoshopped it out. But then, that wouldn’t remove it from my life now, would it?

  6. Oh, and as for you, miss pink room, I know a nice little city in Ohio…

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