Nap Projects


Throw Pillows

My major nap project this week is to hand-sew all these pillows shut. Seven of ’em. I thought maybe I’d do one a day, leaving me some time for some other small projects on my list. But today, all I could do during Evan’s naps was nap. Which I never do. Between his cold (any woodworkers out there need some wood glue? because apparently my son produces it in his sinus cavities…) and mine and it being February and snowy and Brian studying and all, I was just so wiped out today that it was all I could do to stay awake until it was finally naptime. I think I actually put him down early for the first one because I was so exhausted.

And yes, we both stayed in our pajamas all day long. It makes bedtime a lot easier, frankly.

The pillows are for our living room/family room (um,we live in a condo so it’s basically the room that’s not a kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom — call it whatever you’d like). We’ve got this great couch that we love and all, but we’re both slightly too short for it — we can’t sit in it without leaning back all slouchy unless we put a throw pillow behind us. But we only have two throw pillows in the entire house and now that Evan’s playing with them on the floor (and now that I’ve got visions of awesome blanket-and-pillow forts dancing in my future), I thought we could use some new ones.

They’re all made from my mother-in-law fabric. And none of them really matches any of the others. Matching (like having neat hair) is sort of a crutch for me — I am sort of paralyzed by this need to match because I don’t know how to pull off not matching. My sister can throw a yellow shirt on over a magenta tank and green capris and look totally normal. I try something like that and end up staring, confused, in front of the mirror going, “um, does this look ok?” and then changing. My gut grabbed these fabrics and liked them together so I’m going with it.

Wait until you see them all finished and up close. Some of the fabric is totally awesome.


2 Responses to “Nap Projects”

  1. They look awesome! I, too, am a slave to matching. I was just looking for some throw cushions today but couldn’t find four that match.

  2. I totally agree that all day pajamas make bedtime easier. And I am not surprised at all that you were tired what with all these crafty crafts you’ve been churning out like a factory. :)

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