Pillow Madness


Seven New Pillows

They’re done. And nicely arranged, which is only for the purpose of blogging. In fact, as I write this they are already strewn about.

Pillow Tower

As I was working on them, I left them stacked and honestly, this is my favorite display method to date, although the pillow tower isn’t really an effective way to actually use the pillows as it might lead to toppling and head injuries. Maybe we should ask the Bumbo folks about a proper pillow tower warning? (I know. Bumbo is old news. I just can’t let it go.)

My three favorites are shown in this close-up here:

Yup. Those are horses on that one on the left. Love ’em. In fact, they inspired this whole pillow project. I needed to have that as a pillow but it’s not like I could create a horse theme and have matching horse pillows. Frankly, just typing “horse theme” makes me shudder a little.

The flowers were the last fabric chosen. That pillow is the “with seven pillows maybe Brian won’t notice the big pink flowery one” pillow. Not that he’d probably care. Or that he’d admit not caring.

New PIllows

Which one’s your favorite?


9 Responses to “Pillow Madness”

  1. Those pillows are great! I think my favorite is the third from the top in your pillow tower, but I really like the horses too.

  2. I like the pink one!
    My couch is sadly pillowless. We are rough on pillows.

  3. My favorite is the dark green one with circles, followed closely by the purple stripe-y one and the confetti dots pillow.

  4. The third one from the top of the pillow tower is my favorite but the third one from the bottom runs a close second.

    “In fact, as I write this they are already strewn about.” Ha! That’s how it is over here too.

    Oh and I re-read the bumbo post— I’d forgotten how funny that was.

  5. Dark green with circles, and the dotty one. Confetti dots, like Christina said.

    This is why Bumbos are a problem: (great post, btw)

  6. 6 Mom

    I love them all. Why not bring them all home, and we can try them on my sofa??


  7. I love the cacaphony of pattern and color. So pretty!

  8. I love the green one with the funky circles.

    I love the way the variety looks on your dark sofa. I have a similar brown leather sofa in the rec room. I will have to try mixing it up down there.

  9. The green one’s one of my favs, too. I considered just going with a bunch of green pillows in different pattens and colors, inspired by that one and the horse one, but then I found so many great fabrics I just couldn’t limit myself to greens. : )

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