Maybe We Should Call When We’re A Few Minutes Away


Hudson on a Leash

My sister-in-law’s dog Hudson is one of those giant dogs (he’s a male boxer) who struggles to express himself. He tries to tell you he’s so so happy to see you but ends up mauling you and ruining your sweater. He can’t help it. But it’s helpful if someone restrains him, preferably in a cage, before visitors arrive. An advance call — “We’re a few minutes away!” — never hurts.

Tonight I’m wondering if perhaps we’re going to need a couple of cages set up at my mom’s house tomorrow — one for each grandmother. I know they’re just about dying to see Evan, but I’m a little bit afraid they might maul him and ruin his sweater.

Or scare the everloving crap out of him.

Either way, cages might not be a bad idea.


3 Responses to “Maybe We Should Call When We’re A Few Minutes Away”

  1. 1 mom

    we might lick his face too, so muzzles might be a good idea. we could get invisible fence collars too, then we’d be zapped if we tried to get too close. maybe, we could just arm you and brian with squirt bottles, and if we did something you didn’t like, you could spray us!

    you sure are a meanie.

  2. 2 mom-in-law

    Well, I think both Grandma’s acted very appropriately when seeing Evan for the first time since Christmas…..used all the restraint we could muster……no cages needed… but there is always tomorrow!

  3. M-i_L! Was that a slight dig for not having seen your precious grandson for 2 whole months? You go! I’m sure Evan just ate all that mauling up, anyway… that’s what grandmas are for!

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