My Baby Looks Like Me!


Me and Kate, circa 1986

In other words, YAY!

There are a lot of good things about being home in Rochester. Six hundred and fifty four of them I will leave to your imagination. One, however, is seeing pictures of myself as a kid. There are an unfortunate number of pictures around from high school, but the great ones from elementary school more than make up for the embarrassment of seeing myself in yet another boxy, oversized sweater.

This one above, in particular, makes me unspeakably happy. For the first time, I see a resemblance between me and Evan. Ever since he was three minutes out of the womb, the resemblance to my family — my uncles, my father — was apparent. Evan’s got the O’Leary coloring and the Grandpa pout. But while he resembles my family, he really looks nothing like me now or in my baby pictures. But if you look at recent pics of Evan where he’s looking up (so his face looks thinner), I definitely think there’s a resemblance to my seven-year-old self.

Evan Doing George Bush Impersonation

Again: YAY!

(Note in the top photo just what’s going on: I’ve stolen my sister’s pacifier and am holding it, stonefaced, where she can’t reach. Mean older sister.)


3 Responses to “My Baby Looks Like Me!”

  1. He does look a lot like you – especially in the eyes and mouth. And that serious expression – LOL!

  2. 2 bg

    It is so unspeakably cool to finally see a resemblance to at least one of us!

  3. Here I thought you were celebrating something with her. Mean. ;)

    I see the resemblance, too!

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