Swap Apron, Finally Done


Swap Apron, Finally Done

I’m posting this directly from Flickr, which I’m sort of thinking is probably a mistake but, you know, whatever. I’ll try anything once. Posting from Flickr didn’t work so well.  I got words but, strangely, no pics.

Being home it’s hard to post to the blog, hard to upload pics, etc. The computer’s in Evan’s room here and so I only get to steal moments when a grandmother or someone else is watching the babe. My usual after-dinner-blog-fest (write, read) is a no-go since Evan’s sound asleep by then.

So anyway, here’s a somewhat odd pic of the finished Sassy Apron Swap apron. It’s made with brown cotton, hand-embroidered with three shades of blue thread, and lined (with a little sticking out) with some caribbean-ish blue fabric. The ties are super long so you can tie them in front if desired. They’re pale sky blue and they help pull out the sky blue in the embroidery.

I hope my partner loves it. It was hard to send because I kind of wanted it for myself. You know how it goes.

It was a lot of work for an apron, I’ll admit. But in an era of super-simple do-it-quick sewing patterns and books, sometimes it’s nice to take your time with a project that’s meant to be a little bit ornate, a little bit special.


3 Responses to “Swap Apron, Finally Done”

  1. Ohmygodohmygodohmygod, I LOVE IT!!! Got it in the mail the other day and literally gasped when I saw it. So gorgeous, and having recently learned how to do a french knot, I am in awe of your patience!!! Just stunning. I wore it around the house for a while, and my little girl just loved rubbing her hands across the bumpy little knots. Fun for the whole family! I can not thank you enough, you are just the best apron swapper EVER! THANK YOU!!!

  2. I’m just guessing but from the above comment I’d say it was a hit. :) Very beautiful. I too am in awe of your French knotting patience.

  3. 3 Aubrey

    that apron is incredibly beautiful. I can imagine that it would be hard to give up after all the hard work. i love that you can tie it in the front as well. i am in love with the apron! incredibly impressed. you could start your own business! seriously.

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