The Week In Pictures


The trip home was great even if the car ride back did seem like it took sixteen and a half hours. Today about all I can manage is laundry, groceries, yoga (will I make it through the whole hour and a half? who knows!), and some pics for you.

We’ll start with Sunday night:

Justice Torte

This is Brian’s scales of justice chocolate torte. Get it? A torte? Ha. My mom threw a little “bar party” for Brian before he left for Albany. She gave him all these little gifts (Hershey’s BARs, BARbecue sauce, root beer BARrels…) and made him a torte. It was really good except that I somehow regressed to being four years old and kept choking on the powdered sugar and cocoa powder. No one else seemed to have trouble but me. I guess that tells you something about me.

Part of the festivities was a little packet of games which I would scan in for you if I had the will. It incorporated BARbie, BARt Simpson, and BARney. One game was a crossword puzzle with the clue “cow’s fart” for 12 across. The answer? Moot. HA!

My mom’s good with the puns. It was a great little party.

So that was Sunday. On Tuesday, we got a foot of snow, which made us feel like we were definitely back home:

Back Yard

Thursday night was our baby-free excursion. We had our massages at 4, ordered dinner at 5:30, and were in our pajamas by 6, eating these gorgeous salads and flatbread pizzas and watching a movie. Then it was time for dessert and a little champagne before a relaxing bath in the ginormous tub.

Brian ordered dessert without me and, surprise surprise, he ordered three!


Berry cobbler at top left, chocolate mousse in a chocolate cup at top right, and some sort of crazy chocolate cake with oreo, raspberry, white chocolate, etc. at lower right. It was all very tasty. Yum. It even went OK with the Asti:

Celebrate Good Times, Come ON!

And the Jacuzzi:


While we were away, Evan also enjoyed his tub:

Evan with Bear

After we got back, my mom and I made a quick trip to the quilt store for some fabric. I got some cute little boy fabrics as well as a nice flowered fabric for a skirt for myself, but the most fun was this little packet of 50 5″X5″ fabric squares that my mom and I brought home, arranged by color, and then divided up one by one.


I didn’t have any place for my growing pile except my head:

Head Fabric

Wait until you see the fabric a little closer up. I’m going to use it to make a going-to-the-park-with-Evan-in-the-spring blanket. I have to make a few birthday gifts in the coming weeks and then I’ll delve into that, so keep your eyes open.


2 Responses to “The Week In Pictures”

  1. Every time I eat tiramisu, I have the same problem. I inhale the cocoa powder and choke and gasp while everybody else stops and stares mid-chew. I also frequently choke on my own saliva. Sadly, Charlotte has inherited that trick as well.

    It looks like a fabulous trip home. So glad you had a chance to relax and enjoy yourselves!

  2. Oooh, look at those desserts! Yum. We’re getting a weekend away at an indoor waterpark this weekend, and I can’t wait for the big tub, the awesome desserts, and time away from kids.

    And I always seem to inhale cocoa powder, too.

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