Lots of Smiles Around Here Today


My bloggy friend Christina — you’ll find her in my comments as well as at A Mommy Story (listed in the “blogs i read” section at right) — recently honored me with a You Make Me Smile Award.  Aww.  She wrote, “I picked Julie because her son is so adorable I want to eat him up, and her crafts are stunningly beautiful. Go see the apron she made recently and marvel at the bazillion french knots.”  I’m blushing.  Honest.

As I told her, sometimes I actually want to eat Evan up, too.  Really.  I mean, check him out:

Super Smiles!

I have to admit, though: Evan doesn’t even look like my baby here.  He looks like some stand-in, some older, wiser kid they got to play the part of Evan in this picture.  Weird.

So anyway… to spread the love, I thought I’d pass the award on to the ladies at Sugar City Journal who inspire me every single day with their gorgeous children’s (and now mommy) clothing.  I swear, reading their blog and looking at the images (oh! the coats!) has truly changed the way I think about clothes.  I know they’re kids clothes but they remind me that getting dressed can be fun and that handmade clothes don’t have to look, as Heidi Klum would say, “kind of home sewn.”

I’m three birthday gifts away (four, I guess, since one of the birthdays is my twin nieces’ birthday) from launching a full out skirt sewing spree, partially inspired by these two ladies and partly inspired by the fact that SPRING IS ON ITS WAY, PEOPLE.  And that also makes me smile.


4 Responses to “Lots of Smiles Around Here Today”

  1. 1 lynne

    That is so dang nice of you!!

    Your little Evan does look yummy! Look at that gorgeous red hair!!!!

  2. 2 Janet


    And, yes, your baby is pretty yummy.

  3. Did he grow more hair overnight? He does look older and wiser in that photo. We must get our two babies together soon.

    And thanks for turning me on to another great blog. Looks like some great inspiration for sewing more dresses for my girls.

  4. Am melting from the cuteness and sublime sweetness of that little face!

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