What Photos Can Do


Ella Pedersen > Bus

bus, originally uploaded by Ella Pedersen

There’s a me-me-me post coming soon — one that’s been in the brainmaking for awhile. One about marriage and motherhood and friendship. I promise. But right now I’m two episodes away from the end-end-end of Sex and the City (for the dissertation, people) and I came downstairs to get lunch and decided to check my email really quickly and I wasn’t going to read any blogs but then I remembered I needed to look through my blog reader for an old post I saved with a picture of a cupcake that made me proclaim two months early that I wanted cupcakes for my birthday and Brian’s been asking for a recipe and I told him I don’t have a recipe but I have a picture! Except I can’t find it.

Prize for the worst run-on sentence goes to me, by the way.

But in looking for the post with the cupcakes I paused to read Ella‘s post from today and I was stopped in my tracks by this image and decided lunch be damned, dissertation be damned, I had to show you guys this picture because I just find it so wonderful.

Even though all we see is a toy bus and the blurry silhouette of a boy chasing it in the background, the image captures so much joy, so much life, so much motion. It is an image that tells a story, and I like that kind of image. Go figure, me being a lit student and all, right?


2 Responses to “What Photos Can Do”

  1. Yes, you can *feel* the energy of the picture! Very cool – thanks so much for sharing that.

    Hope you found your cupcake picture… mmm… cupcakes…

  2. You might really enjoy this blog.


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