Lots. And Lots. Of Pleats.


When I was new at sewing, not like kid-new but grown-up-sewing new, I avoided anything that seemed too complicated. A very cool pair of pants with a waistband and belt loops became an almost as cool but decidedly low-rise pair of waistbandless pants with facing (facing that my mother did for me because she said I had to finish the top of the pants somehow). Bags went unlined, seams unpressed.

Now, I find pleasure in the things that take time, like adding bias tape to trim kids’ clothes. Tying a gazillion french knots for a dress-up apron, hand-embroidering a bag for a child. This week, I’m working on a skirt:


A skirt with lots and lots of pleats.

More pics when it’s done.


3 Responses to “Lots. And Lots. Of Pleats.”

  1. 1 mom

    I’m very impressed :-) And, I love that fabric, even the backside of it! Can’t wait to see the finished project.

  2. 2 Aubrey

    I love that you kept the G in your closet, hidden, for months. I absolutely love that.
    I have decided to take Tim’s name. It has caused me to pause and really think about who I am. Is the feminist from high school still in me? I have decided yes, she is, she just doesn’t feel that keeping the last name from her childhood at all equates to womans rights.

  3. I’m liking that. Please model when finished. :)

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