Nappy McSluggish


There’s a pervasive perception of me as this person who’s got her shit together. My reputation is that I am super organized and, most of all, extremely efficient. If I make a list of things to get done today, I get them done and usually throw in an extra item or two for good measure. I meet deadlines, even self-imposed ones, and always finish my school work. So the story goes, of course.

The perception is mostly true, I’ll admit. But lest you think too highly of me, here’s a glimpse at my day today:

My initial thought was that I’d work a few hours on my dissertation, shower, then go out for lunch and a little shopping for a few key wardrobe items for Spring that I never replaced last year because I was, well, with child. Then I’d pick up Evan from daycare, run to the grocery store, play with him for the afternoon, feed him, give him a bath, and get him to bed.

Here’s how my day actually went:

I spent more than an hour deleting more than 2500 old emails from my computer. About 250 of these were in my inbox and required moderate browsing and/or quick replies. Then I read one article for my dissertation (took about 30 minutes) before I accidentally fell asleep on the couch for two and a half hours (apparently I really needed it — I’m still not sleeping well, I’m afraid, coughing throughout much of the night). Since it was kind of late I ate lunch here, showered afterwards, and then ran off to get Evan a bit later than planned. I didn’t get to go shopping but we did accomplish the quick grocery trip and had some excellent play time involving the box for our new vacuum cleaner and a newly-learned game of peek-a-boo-chase but the bath lost out in the battle.

So there you go. See? I’m normal.


One Response to “Nappy McSluggish”

  1. I vote for Nappy VON Sluggish.
    I have a dear friend who had a Von to start her last name. Then she went and got married- and, yes, took his name. Her friends were all like, “KEEP THE VON!!” Her new last name is Cooke. Sometimes I pretend it’s Von Cooke.
    As if this is interesting to anyone.

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