Pathetic, Party of Three


Last night Brian and I went to bed at 7:25. Tonight it’s 9:06 and we’re settling in. All three of us are sick sick sick (my god this is getting ridiculous — I just got “better”) and Brian has the added bonus of being injured. Yup, he got hurt during his Ultimate Frisbee game last weekend — one of those injuries that seems like “oh, that hurt” when it happens but then three days later is like “jesus, ow” and then three days after that is like “holy god that hurts.” The pain, which is exacerbated by his cough — did I mention we are all sick? — led to x-rays and some major drugs, which in turn led to nausea, vomiting, and other very unpleasant sensations. Brian’s calling the medicine Satan in a Bottle. He spent two days at home which is unheard of in Brian’s life. In the six years we’ve been together I don’t think he has ever called in sick.

So this morning I was emailing with my mom and she asked me if there was a word more pathetic than pathetic. Tonight on the phone she asked how the infirmary was doing. It’s that sad around here. Patheticker than pathetic.


But the one good thing about today is that it’s my nieces’ birthday (two girls, one birthday — hard to punctuate and pluralize properly) which means I can show you what I made for them! YAY! I’ve been waiting and waiting to show you.

Art Smocks

They’re art smocks, also from the now-infamous Bend-the-Rules Sewing. I made them in brown so that they won’t show the mess. The fabric is actually home decorating fabric for a little bit of extra sturdiness. Each one is individually pre-scribbled with all kinds of pretty colored threads. It was fun and I hope the girls love them. I know I do.

Art Smocks From Behind

Here’s the back. Cute, huh?


6 Responses to “Pathetic, Party of Three”

  1. Those are super cute. Knitting is currently my thing, but you and a couple other crafty ladies I know are starting to convince me I need to pick up sewing again. And by again, I mean for the first time since…7th grade.

  2. Patheticker. It works.

    Those smocks? Adorable.

  3. 3 Mere

    As the mom of the lucky recipients of these adorable smocks, I just want to say the pictures do not come close to capturing how fantastic these are. There aren’t cuter smocks to be found anywhere. The girls are lucky to have such a creative and talented aunt!

  4. 4 mom in law

    As the Grammy of the recipients, I agree. They are the cutest smocks ever. The detail was amazing….beautifully made. I wish I were two!

  5. I’m so glad that they were a hit. I loved them so much I considered making one for myself.

    I’m still considering it, actually. : )

  6. 6 Toni


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