Things I Save


Man, you start feeling better and sleeping through the night again, and on top of that you start working a lot more on your dissertation in a last-ditch effort to just muscle your way through it, and suddenly it seems you’ve barely blogged in days.

I don’t know if you miss me or not but I miss you, dear Internet.


So today was the big park day. (No, not the “take our new blanket to the park” day because the stupid park quilt is still not done. I lost a lot of time with the sewing machine being out of commission.) It was “take Evan to the park to play on the swings and go down the slide for the first time” day.

There aren’t a lot of things I save up like this; Daddy works and most of the time Evan and I just say, “Well you know what? Daddy’s not going to get to see the first time you eat diced apples.” Brian has actually been fortunate to witness the very first crawling and the very first time Evan pulled himself up to standing, so I think he’s probably not too sad about missing things like diced apples.

It’s cute watching Evan feed himself, and all, but I wouldn’t really care if i missed diced apples.

But swings, boy. Swings are a big deal. I have wanted to walk Evan down to the neighborhood park about sixteen times since Spring settled in around here but sixteen times I have said, “No. We should save this for daddy.”

Well, today was the day. And it was worth it. Evan loved the swing — relaxed right into it and smiled and giggled and watched the little curly-headed girl beside him. If there were such a thing as a natural swinger, I’d say he’s a natural.

This, of course, makes me and Brian happy because (even though our current lifestyle doesn’t entirely reflect this) we really love being outdoors. When Evan was a newborn and cranky cranky cranky, taking him out in the heat almost always settled him down. And during the winter he was patient with me as I bundled him up and took him out for awkward stroller rides through slush. But this is our first real sign that Evan’s going to be an outdoor adventurer like his mom and pop. And we’re pleased.

I’m not so pleased about sitting flat in the middle of a little pile of dog crap at the park (which Brian was kind enough to photograph because he thought it was so funny).

How did I not look first? How did I not see it? And, you might also be wondering, why do I feel compelled to share it? Honestly, I think the grass is awfully pretty.


3 Responses to “Things I Save”

  1. OF COURSE we missed you. What a completely adorable picture of Evan and Brian. Swings are a big deal, and I can see the joy on Brian’s face even at that side/back angle. And you poor dear, you sat in dog poop? That’s about as fun as having a seagull crap in your hair. Not that it’s ever happened to me…

  2. 2 mom

    i love it! evan does look like a person loving a ride in a swing! (sorry, i don’t want to call him a swinger!) how exciting!

    (julie’s sister, kate, had a seagull poop on her head and down her face when she was 4!)

  3. Aw, those first swings are always so much fun. I haven’t had the chance to take the girls out to the park yet, but I hope to this week. Mira has yet to try out the swings, but I think she’ll love them.

    And I’ve been a bad blog citizen and not around much the past week because of school and trying to catch up with a lot of different projects, so I’ll just say glad to see you back, and hope you didn’t mind that I wasn’t commenting much.

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