This Is Just Too Much


This is so me.  I decided that tonight, since I have a lot to do, I’d just write a quick post about this software I read about once that makes it so that you can’t access certain programs for a set amount of time.  The idea is that you would turn it on and say, basically, “don’t let me do anything but use Word for the next two hours” and it would listen.

Since I’ve worked diligently (and extensively) on my dissertation every day for the last seven days, I thought, “Even though I clearly don’t need such software because I am a model writing citizen and I never ever check my email or, say, read and comment on a few blogs while working on my dissertation (ha!), maybe others could benefit from a quick heads-up post.”

I’m sure you know where this is headed…

Yup, I just spent the last 30 minutes searching (fruitlessly) for a link or bookmark or something I thought I had somewhere.  I checked my laptop, which is now more or less Brian’s laptop.  I checked my desktop.  I checked my bookmarks in case there was something there that wasn’t on the two computers (but why would there be) and I searched and searched and the Real Simple website.

Because somewhere in the back of my mind I remember reading it there and then seeing it on

Only maybe I’m wrong.  Because it’s gone.  I can’t find it.  Hope you didn’t get too excited. Pretty funny, though, that I wasted half an hour trying to give you a post about software that makes you a more productive little worker bee when I should have been working on close readings of a few Sex and the City episodes.

You can laugh about that as your consolation prize.


One Response to “This Is Just Too Much”

  1. I didn’t get too excited – I’m still so immature that I’d just try to find ways to get around whatever limit I had self-imposed.

    Did they have a way to limit fruitless searches? Maybe I could use that one.

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