All Evan All The Time?


Is this my blog or my Flickr site, huh? I know, I know. But I also know that not a lot of you are going to complain about lots of pictures of my supercute baby even if they come at the expense of words.

We’re just so busy experiencing the world (and picking up after all of our adventures, and playing with Grandma, and working hard on other things (like seventy-six loads of laundry)) that it’s hard to make time to string words together in sensible ways.

You should see my dissertation draft. : )

For those of you who can’t stomach one more baby picture (and seriously, there’s something wrong with you), here’s a great non-baby one.

I know a lot of parents are hesitant to pick favorites like this, but I’ll just go right ahead and say it: so far, this is by far my favorite baby age. He’s such a little boy now instead of a baby. I know it makes him sound a little bit like a laptop but he’s just so interactive and mobile. He can move and climb and laugh and do things to make you laugh. He can communicate in such surprising ways. He practices different sounds (Is that flipper I hear upstairs eating dinner?) and faces (see yesterday’s post). And he just loves everything we do — it’s all a big adventure.

All this sunshine doesn’t hurt, either.


3 Responses to “All Evan All The Time?”

  1. he’s beautiful! and i like that age, too.

  2. I’m laughing because I really thought you had written “this is by far, my favorite baby”. LOL Which, you did, but there were words *after that*. I was thinking, well, I’m glad *her child* is her favorite baby, but how weird to say that like she’s not even kidding around… Yay! for re-reading.

    You know, that age was a favorite of mine, too. I mean, for my kids. I don’t remember when I was that age. They’ve all been wonderful in their own way, but there’s something about that age for sure.

    Interactive, mobile, user-friendly, flexible, wireless – but as yesterday’s post showed, you might need to do something about that battery life.

  3. I love several ages – four years old, eighteen months, six years old….
    Seven is kind of a pip, though.
    You’ve got a cute little fella.

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