Break Out The Smarties & Champagne!



This has been the longest 45 hours ever. Like, longer than a British film about rich people living in the countryside with servants. Longer than a flight from Korea to Washington, D.C. with 5-month-old twins. Longer than, oh, OK, get to it.

Brian passed the New York bar exam. Like as in passed.

I feel like running around to random people and saying, “Isn’t my husband so smart?”

We found out unofficially on Thursday at about four and didn’t get the official letter until just now. Finding out was torture because when I found out I was in the car with Evan and couldn’t go look online and then once I got home to see for myself I couldn’t even tell Brian because he was on lock-down in this conference he was at and so even though I called him every 2.3 minutes between 4:00 and 5:20, it just kept going straight to voicemail.

Thank god Brian just got a blackberry on Wednesday. “Thank god” and “Brian got a blackberry” are phrases I never thought I would utter together but this was serious because I remembered I could email him. I tried to find a good mix between urgent but not panicky for my subject line (CALL ME NOW meets Hey, If you get a chance) and he got it and stepped out of his thing and called me and I told him and it was freaking awesome.

Then Evan and I continued our dance party until he went to bed and all I wanted to do was put it on the blog but they emphasize up and down on the website that this isn’t official and sometimes there are mistakes and ohdeargod. pleasepleaseplease. don’tbewrong.

Well, it’s not wrong. In fact, it’s RIGHT.

Our good friends are watching Evan so that we can celebrate tonight. WHEEEEEEE!


Yes, actual smarties were eaten in the making of this post. PETS (People for the Ethical Treatment of Smarties) have been notified and the decision has been made: it is ethical to eat smarties since they are candies. In fact, it is unethical to let smarties sit on your desk uneaten.


14 Responses to “Break Out The Smarties & Champagne!”

  1. Woohoo! We break out the Smarties for state testing week in my classroom. They do make you smarter, you know.

    Congratulations to Brian! That is most awesome.

  2. YEAH Brian!!! (and yeah to the supportive wife and baby!!!)

  3. YEAH BRIAN!!!!! Never had a doubt! Have you thought about taking all the bar exams for every state? Could be fun…

  4. 4 hub

    Thanks, everyone. I’m pretty stoked about the results, too.

    Jenny, I did suggest all 50 states’ bar exams plus the U.S. territories, but Julie quickly countered w/ a divorce demand so that’s pretty much out of the question.

  5. Congratulations, Brian! Well done!

  6. 6 Toni

    Yea!!!! Congratulations, Brian!

    On another note, I think it’s hilarious that in the first picture the Smarties are sitting content on the cutest cloth background and in the second picture they are woefully mangled next to the Local Hospital number.

  7. Congratulations – both of you! Well, OK, especially Brian with all the studying and memorizing and bar-taking. That’s really great!

  8. Congratulations! You need some REAL Smarties – the chocolate kind.

  9. 9 Julie

    Um, yeah, chocolate smarties? I know that’s probably a Canadian thing but I actually noticed that my smarties wrapper says Made In Canada and it almost inspired a “my favorite things about Canada” post and so I really don’t get why your smarties are weird and chocolate.

    And yet, I’m willing to try them. Anything in the name of bloggy research, you know.

  10. 10 bg

    Willing?!?! J – come on now… I thought I’d converted you. I thought I’d brought you from the dark to the light. From evil to good. OSU to Michigan . . . wait, do I have that backwards? Nope, definitely not . . . OSU = evil, Michigan = good… sorry, I digress . . ..

    Anyway, here I thought I’d made a chocolate lover out of you and then you go and say something like “Oh, I guess I might be willing to try a little piece of a chocolate smarty if I absolutely have to . . ..”

    Please tell me where I can get chocolate smarties!!! Cause, well, those just sound awesome. Only don’t tell me I have to go to Canada, cause I can’t really do that right now.

    And thanks, again, everyone, for the congrats. I’m blushing.

  11. 11 Janet

    Great news! Congratulations to your Smartie husband.

    I noticed that your Smarties said “Made in Canada.” But they aren’t the good kind; those are coated in candy and have chocolate on the inside.

  12. The “made in Canada” all-wrong no-chocolate Smarties had me totally confused as well.

    Your smarty, though – congratulations!

  13. Yay! Congrats!!

  14. 14 Julie

    Oh, we have those chocolate Smarties, too. We call them M&Ms. : )

    You know, growing up in Rochester, NY (“across” the lake from Toronto), I always sort of wanted to be Canadian, but now that I know about this whole weird Smarties thing, I’m really not sure I could be one anymore. American Smarties are SO GOOD.

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