Yellow, Gray, and Limes


Signing up for swaps is fun, but it seems to me that there comes a time in every swap where you think, “Why did I do this? I have too many things to do already.” But then you finish your item and you like it (hopefully) and it seems better. Then a few days later, you get yours and you’re suddenly thinking, “I need to find me some more swaps.”

I’m trying to resist the urge but this cute little purse from my swap partner is making it hard.  Dontcha just love the big ol’ button?  I never think to add things like buttons because I’m afraid it’ll look too, I don’t know, embellished?  But this one’s perfect.  And really really perfect with the fabric, right?

My partner also sent me some limes and a recipe for key lime pie. Stay tuned.


3 Responses to “Yellow, Gray, and Limes”

  1. Key lime pie?!!!!! I’ll be right over.

  2. Love the bag; love the button! And I got a sewing machine for mother’s day. So you know what this means? You and I need to talk sewing some time soon. :)

  3. Key lime pie is maybe the best thing in the world.

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