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This has been the longest 45 hours ever. Like, longer than a British film about rich people living in the countryside with servants. Longer than a flight from Korea to Washington, D.C. with 5-month-old twins. Longer than, oh, OK, get to it. Brian passed the New York bar exam. Like as in passed. I feel […]

Proud Mama


Sometimes the strangest things make me so super proud.  My kid learns to blog and I am like, ho hum, a blogging baby but he learns to sit up in his baby tub and plays for the first time with his rubber ducky (which has been with him in every single bath for his nearly […]

I Heart Cesar


It’s kind of embarrassing to admit, really, but I know I’m not alone in this: I have strong, strong prejudices against various pop culture icons, often based on nothing more than a certain sense I have about them.  Like a crooked scientist doing research for the company who pays his salary, I avoid anything that […]

You know what, Internet? It kind of hurts my feelings that you didn’t think I would get it. You were all, “No news must be bad news” and “I bet the people who won it heard by now and they’re just letting it sink in slowly for the losers without actually telling them.” Yeah, well […]

In honor of Evan’s four-month birthday, I’m giving stuff away!  It’s like birthday presents, but for *you* instead of us.  Read on to learn more…  Move Over SIDS, Bisphenol-A Is The New Big Fear The new big thing for parents of infants to worry about is Bisphenol-A, an industrial chemical first synthesized in 1905 that […]

Well, folks, I say why do something if you’re not really going to do it. Right? Right. So I’m introducing more changes. BIG changes. LIFE changes. Because having a baby and returning to work and moving the blog and putting the house on the market and taking it back off the market aren’t enough. I […]

Labor of Love


Well, it happened. Four days after my depressing doctor’s appointment and nine days before his due date, Little Evan began accumulating nicknames and my belly button went from outie back to innie. Yes, these are my ways of saying that Evan was born at 9:52p.m. on Monday night. The quick and the dirty version of […]

It’s A Boy!


Since I was one of those babies who they thought was a boy until she popped out with girl parts, I was trying not to get my hopes up about discovering the actual sex of our baby yesterday. But aparently in 28 years ultrasound technology has come a long way. We got to find out […]

So, the big news around Blacklick is that Brian and I are expecting our first baby. It’s taken me a little while to get used to even writing that, let alone actually speaking the words “I’m pregnant,” but we’re actually really excited. Right now, I’m in my 11th week, which means the embryo is now […]