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My pediatrician from childhood, Dr. Fox, told my mom that the best thing you can do for a baby is be the best mom you can be. “What’s best for baby is whatever is best for mom.” It sounds selfish but I can see already how right that is, at least when it comes to […]

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OK. So. Went to the lactation consultant today. I fed Evan about two hours before we had to leave so that he’d be hungry when we got there, as per our instructions. During that last feeding B.L.C. (Before Lactation Consultation), I asked Evan please not to be on his best behavior. “Be bad, please Evan,” […]

Tomorrow Evan, Brian, and I have an appointment with a lactation consultant. We’re just over two weeks into breastfeeding and still having trouble. Evan is gaining weight, which is a sign that things are going at least OK, but I’m still having a lot of pain and something needs to change. I’ve been very lucky […]

Well, the quick answer is that right now, at least during the first few weeks, it feels like my friend Dawn said: like someone’s taking clothespins and repeatedly pinching them on and off your nipples. The long answer is this: it feels like Motherhood Express. Just one week into life with Evan and I feel […]