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Signing up for swaps is fun, but it seems to me that there comes a time in every swap where you think, “Why did I do this? I have too many things to do already.” But then you finish your item and you like it (hopefully) and it seems better. Then a few days later, […]

March 11th: the day I joked that sewing this quilt would bring spring. I didn’t tell you that I wouldn’t finish it for nearly two months (oh my god, really?! has it been that long?!) and that of course spring would be here by then. It’s kind of ironic that I finished the quilt this […]

In yoga, after we do backbends, we do happy baby pose — a pose in which we lie on our backs and grab our toes and bend our knees. (The pose is also called dead bug pose, a name that is as apt, if not as pleasant, as happy baby.) We do this to counter […]

We’ve walked to the little park in our neighborhood three days in a row, now, and all three times there were other mommies and kids there. It’s given Evan ample opportunities to show off his new, fine waving skills. It’s so cute how proud he is of this new trick. Breaks my heart a tiny […]



Skirt One: The Birthday Skirt This one is made from some quilting cotton I bought while I was home in Rochester.  I know lots of people always know the designer and line and all but I never do.  It’s green with blue and off-white flowers and it’s pretty. This skirt was my first time making […]

Holding Pattern


Sick Log: Day 635. Still sick. But how boring. I got tagged with a “seven things” meme so I could come to you tonight with seven things about me, but I’m unable to come up with anything other than, um, my name is Julie, I have a blog, my baby’s name is Evan… Boring-er than […]

When I was new at sewing, not like kid-new but grown-up-sewing new, I avoided anything that seemed too complicated. A very cool pair of pants with a waistband and belt loops became an almost as cool but decidedly low-rise pair of waistbandless pants with facing (facing that my mother did for me because she said […]

See all these darling 2.5″ squares all lined up on my ironing board? It’s official, people: I’m about to embark on my first pieced quilt. In fact, I even paired them up with their neighbors, made a little stack of pairs, and chain-sewed the first set of pairs today. It’s our “Spring Park-Going Blanket.” I’m […]



Poor Evan’s so thrown off this week I don’t know how to throw him back on. It’s hard when you know what your baby needs but you can’t figure out how to help him get it. I’ve put him down three times now for naps and left him to sleep, but unfortunately, sleep isn’t coming. […]

I’m posting this directly from Flickr, which I’m sort of thinking is probably a mistake but, you know, whatever. I’ll try anything once. Posting from Flickr didn’t work so well.  I got words but, strangely, no pics. Being home it’s hard to post to the blog, hard to upload pics, etc. The computer’s in Evan’s […]