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These little birdies are for the mobile swap. My ***top secret*** partner requested sort of rich muted colors (she called them distressed) and I checked out her Etsy shop and I got a sense of her stuff — very pretty tote bags with birds embroidered on them and some other things — so I scrapped […]



The sky here has been gray gray gray lately. In a weird way, it’s kind of been my inspiration this week. First it was yellow bags and wallets. Then I got out some bright pink fabric I bought years ago and made an apron for a friend who met me for drinks and dessert on […]

It’s official. I don’t just like to make things anymore. I’m a crafter now. Or, as I prefer it, a domestic artist. I now own two craft books (more on that later this week) and I am participating in two swaps. The first one is a mobile swap. God only knows what possessed me to […]

Here’s Peanut, this week’s naptime project. No surprise, he’s from Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts (the only craft book I own). I think my favorite part is his ears: But I love the tail, too: Evan seems to like Peanut, too: A lot: In dissertation news, this week saw some writing (I’m up to about […]

I know. I know. I’ve been neglectful lately. I’m sorry I haven’t called you back, Aub. And Dawn, I haven’t called to let you know that you left your scarf here on Saturday. And all my bloggy friends, I know, I haven’t been commenting. My bloglines reader has, like, 104 unread posts. But I’m thinking […]

I bought my very first craft book this week. Ever since I first saw a review on Amy Karol’s site I have been wanting it bad. The fabric on the cover, and those birds! I just needed to buy that book and to make those birds and to see what else was inside. I was […]

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I teach writing, among other things. From day one of each course I teach, I emphasize that good writing requires, more than anything else, knowing your audience and being as specific and clear as possible. This last bit means using illustrative examples and polished prose. The first bit requires experience, insight, and intuition. If you […]

Yesterday we went to the North Market for Via Colori, a chalk festival. What? you say. A chalk festival. I first attended this event in 2003, when one of Columbus’s main arteries was closed for repairs. I’m sketchy on the details because we had just moved here, but for two days in September of that […]



At art class on Monday, a man who teaches a different section of bronze casting was there working on his own project. He introduced himself and asked how long I’d been doing bronze casting. I smiled and said, “Since last Monday.” He asked what I was going to make for my first sculpture, so I […]