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YOU: Say, how’d your haircut go? ME: My head was pillaged. YOU: Um. (Raising eyebrows — I can sense this over the Interwebs so watch out.) Huh? ME: My head was pillaged. As in raped and pillaged. YOU: Oh. ME: Yeah. YOU: What does that even mean? ME: It means that my head was ransacked. […]



No sucker for cheap and easy tickles, my babe requires us to work a bit for our giggles. While the occasional thigh pinch, appropriately placed, will elicit laughs, most often the way to make Evan writhe in hysterics is to appeal to his mind: give him something to anticipate and he will laugh before the […]

Well, I said I was going to do it and despite a long list of things I should have been doing instead, I did it. I made a key lime pie. And I made it so that I could eat it, no less. (Since I’m lactose intolerant, key lime pie has long been off my […]

When I was in high school, I wouldn’t have wanted to do my homework in front of the TV, not that my mom would have let me. And in college? Not once. In graduate school, there were times when the reading was so intense I couldn’t even listen to music while studying, and other times […]

Anything. Yup. I won’t be doing anything. And why is that? Because this little boy, all 20-whatever pounds and ten-and-a-half months of him, kicked my ass today.  Kiddo’s got a minor cold, nothing big, but boy oh boy was he a sad, sad little fella.  And what do sad, sad little fellas need?  Their mamas.  […]

OK. First, I have to get this out of the way: someone found this blog by Googling “dumbest dissertations ever.” Is that necessary, Google? Did you really need to send that person here? That just hurts a girl’s feelings. Seriously. Second: I am hereby publicly declaring that by the time I pick Evan up from […]

In yoga, after we do backbends, we do happy baby pose — a pose in which we lie on our backs and grab our toes and bend our knees. (The pose is also called dead bug pose, a name that is as apt, if not as pleasant, as happy baby.) We do this to counter […]

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Words & Phrases Evan Understands Milk Cheese No (as in, “Evan, NO!” — this is not always obeyed but it is always acknowledged) Book “Turn the page” Wave (as in, “Can You Wave?”) Bottle Hungry “Not Food” (as in, please, child, stop trying to put that mulch in your mouth) “Goodnight Moon” (he blew our […]

Calling all of my Blockbuster Online and/or Netflix-affiliated readers. I need your help. I need to know: How long do you keep a movie before you just send it back unwatched? How long must it sit on top of your television, still in its original envelope, before you say, “Oh, jeez, I am just soooo […]

Dear KidCo, Maker of Baby Gates, I just wanted to say: I’ve been through lots of gate drama in my (recent) lifetime. There was the Evenflo that was too narrow without the extension and too wide with it. There was the Summer that flew open when my kid’s butt hit it and oh-my-god-how-did-he-not-go-flying-down-the-stairs!! Breaking up […]