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I’ve always been pale and sort of see-through, meaning I’ve had plenty of time to get used to perpetual under-eye circles. But these days, they’re practically black. It’s kind of impressive, actually. I’m currently on Full-On Raccoon Alert. It sort of makes me want to stay up until the wee hours so I can catch […]

Calling all of my Blockbuster Online and/or Netflix-affiliated readers. I need your help. I need to know: How long do you keep a movie before you just send it back unwatched? How long must it sit on top of your television, still in its original envelope, before you say, “Oh, jeez, I am just soooo […]

Sunday it was “oh, dear, I need a break but I have a million things to do so I better keep on truckin’.” Monday it was a case of the grumpy grumps. Today it was all out overwhelm-ed-ness. (I added the hyphens because I want you to read the “ed” part like you would in […]

Last night Brian and I went to bed at 7:25. Tonight it’s 9:06 and we’re settling in. All three of us are sick sick sick (my god this is getting ridiculous — I just got “better”) and Brian has the added bonus of being injured. Yup, he got hurt during his Ultimate Frisbee game last […]

bus, originally uploaded by Ella Pedersen There’s a me-me-me post coming soon — one that’s been in the brainmaking for awhile. One about marriage and motherhood and friendship. I promise. But right now I’m two episodes away from the end-end-end of Sex and the City (for the dissertation, people) and I came downstairs to get […]

My bloggy friend Christina — you’ll find her in my comments as well as at A Mommy Story (listed in the “blogs i read” section at right) — recently honored me with a You Make Me Smile Award.  Aww.  She wrote, “I picked Julie because her son is so adorable I want to eat him […]



No, I’m not preggers.  The pic in the post below is OLD.  My hub saw it and said, “whoa!” and I realized I may not have thought that particular image choice through fully. Live and learn, right?

A weird thing happened on Tuesday. Like ghost-faced bat weird. Before leaving Columbus for home, I spent all of Tuesday’s naps working on editing videos and making DVDs for the grandparents. We don’t take a ton of videos of Evan — he doesn’t really do a lot yet — but when we do hit the […]

Values. Those things we believe as individuals and as cultures. Things we believe about morality and ethics, things we believe about religion and politics, things we believe about the way the social order should work, the things we believe about things like beauty, justice, and goodness. I think of values as the things that tell […]

It’s Official


Evan is officially a good, sweet-tempered, adaptable baby.  There have been moments, days, even, when I doubted this.  I am sure there will be moments, days, in the future when I question my own declaration.  But I now declare Evan officially a Good Baby. This weekend we went home for a funeral.  Home as in […]