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Skirt One: The Birthday Skirt This one is made from some quilting cotton I bought while I was home in Rochester.  I know lots of people always know the designer and line and all but I never do.  It’s green with blue and off-white flowers and it’s pretty. This skirt was my first time making […]

We live in a condo. This, by definition I think, means that we do not have enough cupboard space. Enter the really tall really skinny seven-shelf bookcase we bought when we got married: Those are our everyday dishes plus some serving things, wine glasses, etc. They don’t fit anywhere else. This is a problem with […]

The trip home was great even if the car ride back did seem like it took sixteen and a half hours. Today about all I can manage is laundry, groceries, yoga (will I make it through the whole hour and a half? who knows!), and some pics for you. We’ll start with Sunday night: This […]

I’m going to catch some flack for this one from my mom and my in-laws, I know. God love ’em, they’re super great peeps. Yup. They are all good people, excellent parents, fine examples. Good human specimens overall. But good god they are paranoid Internet users. Firewalls on top of firewalls? Really? High level security […]

My sister-in-law’s dog Hudson is one of those giant dogs (he’s a male boxer) who struggles to express himself. He tries to tell you he’s so so happy to see you but ends up mauling you and ruining your sweater. He can’t help it. But it’s helpful if someone restrains him, preferably in a cage, […]

Pillow Madness


They’re done. And nicely arranged, which is only for the purpose of blogging. In fact, as I write this they are already strewn about. As I was working on them, I left them stacked and honestly, this is my favorite display method to date, although the pillow tower isn’t really an effective way to actually […]

Nap Projects


My major nap project this week is to hand-sew all these pillows shut. Seven of ’em. I thought maybe I’d do one a day, leaving me some time for some other small projects on my list. But today, all I could do during Evan’s naps was nap. Which I never do. Between his cold (any […]

Look what I did to my curtains. Or, since I really don’t think it was my fault, look what my curtains did to themselves: In case you were wondering, there’s no flood. My windows are wearing waders because my extremely cheap, machine-wash-cold, dry-low, Target drapes that I’ve never liked anyway shrank in the wash. I’ve […]

My goals were twofold: (1) redesign my workspace (read: my dungeon office in the basement) so that everything I need while writing is within reach; (2) make it pretty — someplace I won’t mind sitting for hours at a stretch. The result is more or less what I was looking for: It’s really hard to […]

This Morning


It kind of looks like someone sprinkled confectioner’s sugar over the world, looking out the back window. Knitting in my lap and a mix on my iPod that breaks my heart over and over, I am aching for home. I keep picturing myself back in college: driving my old silver Jeep, six inches of snow […]